We are excited to announce that PlanIt has joined the NEOGOV family as a part of the Power Products for Public Safety.
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There are 3 main levels of permissions in our web based scheduling system:

  • Normal Access
  • Power User Access
  • Administrator Access

Normal Access is for most of your employees; officers or deputies. It does not allow the individual to make any changes, only requests for changes. For example, they can request time off, but they cannot move their shift to time off on the schedule. It will move automatically to time off on the schedule once an administrator approves it.

Power User Access if for your supervisors like your sergeants and corporals. This allows them to make some scheduling decisions but not all. They can do things like approve time off and overtime requests, but they cannot configure system settings or payroll.

Administrator Access is complete access of the system. This is for your top-level administrators such as the chief, sheriff, assistant chief, captain, or lieutenant.

In addition to the 3 levels of access, we also have specific User Roles. This allows you to give access to one particular feature in the system to any person. For example, if you have an administrative assistant or an officer who usually handles the court appearances for your department, you can give them access to schedule court appearances and that is it. They wont have access to make changes to anything else within the system. 

PlanIt Police

PlanIt Police is an online scheduling system for police departments. PlanIt is developed by Ragnasoft, Inc which has specialized in public safety scheduling solutions for over 10 years.

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