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How Much Does Payroll Really Cost Your Department?

February 2017 | Features, Payroll, PlanIt Features

It is common to find agencies calculating all their hours for payroll by hand using excel and paper forms. Processing payroll yourself may seem low cost but it is time-consuming and you're more prone to errors.

Using a scheduling system can save you time and money. Check out our Payroll ROI tool that will provide you with estimates of how much you could save based on industry averages. 

When questioning whether it is cost effective to do payroll manually or use a software system, there are 3 main cost factors to consider:

  • Wages
  • Errors
  • Time



PlanIt Payroll

As you can see above, the PlanIt Police Scheduling system will split out all the hours by bank and by code. It will alert you of any missing information such as payroll numbers or unapproved time off. You also have the option to display time sheets to your officers. They can go in and check that all their regular shifts, time off, and overtime are accurate. They can electronically sign it or report that there is a problem. If they report a problem, it will be submitted to the payroll administrator so that they can fix it or report back that it is a non-issue. This process makes it simple to collect and export hours for accurate results.

Below are three things to consider when determining how much payroll really does cost you...

1. Wages

In order to collect and process the information for payroll, you must have someone assigned to that job specifically. Whether it is a whole payroll department or an administrative assistant, it is necessary to pay someone for collecting and filing payroll. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for a payroll/timekeeping clerk is $42,130. With software that will streamline part of the payroll process, your clerk will have more time to take on other tasks. Payroll will no longer be a time-consuming process.

2. Errors

When you draft a document on paper, spell check will not alert you like it would if you were typing in a word document. The same applies if you are doing payroll manually as opposed to an automated system. Completing payroll with software will be more accurate and organized, leaving little room for costly errors. 

3. Time

Handling payroll by hand will ultimately take longer than if the information was already being calculated in software. It will take the time to go through time sheets, time off, overtime, etc. and calculate totals. With a payroll system, the total hours for each employee will automatically be calculated and split out by bank and code. 


Overall, payroll processing can cost you more than just time. There are efficient alternatives to doing it by hand that may be worth looking into. The best option may be different for each department. Software will make your payroll process more efficient whether you have 10 or 100 employees. 



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