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Pros and Cons - Using Fingerprint Time Clock Scanners in Your Dept.

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Biometric fingerprint scanners have been used for a while now in different businesses as a form of a time clock. 

They reduce the risk of fraud because they only allow employees to clock in using their fingerprint.

If you are thinking about implementing biometric fingerprint scanners in your department, make sure you know both the positives and the negatives. 

Learn about a few in this article to help you decide whether or not you could benefit from using them in your department...


  1. More accurate time keeping
  2. Easily clock in and out
  3. Keep overtime hours accurate


  1. The possibility of employees not feeling trusted
  2. Technical difficulties
  3. Costs involved



1. More accurate time keeping

Using a fingerprint will ensure that the person who is clocking in/out, is who they say they are. 

They have to be present physically to clock in.

Thus, preventing buddy punching or clocking in early or clocking out late.


2. Easily clock in and out

Instead of a biometric fingerprint scanner, you can use an integrated time clock.

They allow you to enter a username and password to clock in...

Versus a fingerprint.

Using an integrated timeclock will take employees a couple minutes to clock in/out.

If they only have to use their fingerprint, it takes a few seconds.


3. Keep overtime hours accurate

Having to physically be present to clock in and out will regulate overtime.

Any adjustments to time clock punches will need to be approved by a supervisor.

If the person did not use the biometric clock to clock in/out, what was the reason?

Taking the time to evaluate these adjustments will ensure the accuracy of worked hours. 



1. The possibility of employees not feeling trusted

Why all-the-sudden did you implement a biometric fingerprint scanner in your department?

Maybe employees already knew there was an issue. 

But make sure there is communication about why.

Are you just finding out about the benefits of fingerprint scanners and decided to try them?

Or has there been an ongoing trust issue between some employees and their supervisors?

No matter what the reason, it's important to be transparent with everyone in the department.


2. Technical difficulties

With any new law enforcement technology, there is the possibility of it temporarily going out of service.

Therefore, requiring time and effort from you to get it to work.

So, while there will most likely be hiccups along the way...

A biometric time clock will save you time in the long run.


3. Cost

Adding a fingerprint scanner to your current time tracking process will obviously add some cost upfront.

Depending on the type of scanner you get, will determine how much more you'll really be spending.

See some cost estimates here.

Something to consider, however, is how much you will be saving in errors and/or false overtime costs.



Evaluate the pros and cons of implementing a fingerprint scanner time clock in your department.

Know that there are alternatives to bio clocks.

Instead of biometric time clocks, you could simply go off of the schedule or use an integrated time clock.

All 3 of these options are possible with PlanIt Scheduling Software.

The system is flexible enough to fit the needs of many different departments.

Learn more here...


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