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  • PlanIt Police Web Based Scheduling Software 

    PlanIt is the complete scheduling and human resources management system 
    designed for Police Departments.

    Police Department Scheduling. Simplified.

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  • See PlanIt in action.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words,
    a video has got to at least be worth a million.

    Planit has so many features to save you time and money, it hard to cover them in all. 

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  • PlanIt Scheduling on the Desktop.

    Ready to work when you are.

    PlanIt works on all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and as a desktop application(for added functionality). The system is so intuitive, you will be up and running in no time. With tons of features, PlanIt will help organize many aspects of your organization. 

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    PlanIt Police Web Based Scheduling Software

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  • PlanIt Scheduling on Mobile.

    Available on the go for when you're on the go.

    PlanIt is easy to access from your smart phone. Our system is compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry operating systems. Our mobile optimized site has full functionality, not a boiled down mobile site or app. Access your schedule, request time off, arrange shift trade, etc. For supervisors, you can review and approve time off request, fill open shifts, send messages, handle call-offs and a lot more.

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    PlanIt Mobile - shown on an iPhone

    Quick access to your Home dashboard.
    Always know what is going on in your organization and respond to changes quickly.

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Why PlanIt?

Plan your schedule, share with your staff, accept paid time off requests , fill open shifts, track certifications and communicate more effectively. All online with our employee self service.

Built specifically with the unique needs of Police, EMS, Fire, and Dispatch as its primary focus. Our expertise is 24x7 scheduling and the special staffing requirements of public safety organizations.

Save money and time by consolidating complex scheduling tasks in to one easy to use, web based system, that everyone in your organization can access.

Do More than just schedule. PlanIt offers useful features that go beyond scheduling.


  • Web, Application and Mobile Access
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling
  • Payroll Hour Exports
  • Paid Time Off Management and Tracking
  • Court Appearance Scheduling
  • Minimum Staffing Requirements
  • OT Submission Forms
  • Telephone/Email/Text Notifications
  • Station Kiosks
  • Shift Trades
  • And more…

We listen to what our clients need and we are always adding new features. Our clients are constantly finding new ways that PlanIt Police benefits their department.

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Also Available

Also Available

About PlanIt

PlanIt is designed to streamline the day to day tasks of scheduling, all through a convenient and easy to use web based interface.

A variety of scheduling related tools are also available, built specifically for public safety departments with 24x7 scheduling needs.

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