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Early Spring Update

April 2015

Over the last few weeks we've been working on some minor updates across the system.

1. The Time Off Request Form will automatically set the start and end time after selecting a date.
In an effort to speed up the time off request form and reduce the chance of an incorrect time off request, the form will now automatically populate the start and end time of the scheduled shift for that date immediately after picking a date. If no shift is found, the last entered time or the default of 0700-1900 will be used as was done previously.

2. Time Off Approval will now warn when an employee's request will not take them completely off the schedule.
Occasionally we have reports of employees entering the wrong shift (example selecting 1900-0700, when really working 1800 - 0600). When using the time off approval form, you will now be warned whenever a request does not match the entire shift. Combining this update with the change above should dramatically reduce the change of these incorrect requests. If an employee is actually taking a half day this warning can be safely ignored.

3. Four New Reports
Those reports are: Time Off Notes, Time Off Notes By Bank, Time Off Notes By Employee, and Employee Custom Fields Excel Report.

4. Open Shift Warning
When approving an open shift either directly on the calendar or on the approval form the system will warn you if approving this shift will result in the employee being scheduled at two places at the same time.

5. Several System Pages updated.
We've updated the Medical, Units, Platoons and Stations pages found within the System menu to bring those pages up to a modern design and so they work well on mobile devices.

6. Kiosk & OIC
The Kiosk now has an option to display OIC shifts for an employee. By default this setting is disabled. It can be enabled by modifying the Kiosk's settings within the System menu.

Thank you,
Development Team

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