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Open Shift Update

September 2017

If you want creating and filling Open Shifts to be easy and straightforward, the features newly added to PlanIt will help you to manage them.

Open Shift Watching

When you have several open shifts, it may be overwhelming to receive notifications every time someone volunteers to work it, especially if you are not their direct supervisor. When you choose to "Watch" a specific Open Shift, you'll only receive notifications for that shift.

Unit Supervisor Notifications

If you're in charge of a department within your organization, you might only want to view Open Shift requests for your subordinates. This feature allows you to "Watch" Open Shifts for an entire Unit or department, so you can limit the number of notifications that you would receive.

Special Event Staffing Types

If you have a lot of Overtime Duties or Special Assignments, this feature will help you create the openings with the notes you need to keep your department organized.

Automatic Approvals of Open Shifts

Do you have a department where your Open Shifts are filled first come, first serve? Employees can now choose to volunteer to work an open shift without a supervisor's approval; they'll be entered onto the schedule as soon as they volunteer to work an open shift.

Staffing Level Contribution Rules

Often times, departments will need an employee to count towards two types of minimum manpower at one time. This feature makes managing your minimum staffing levels much easier.

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