We are excited to announce that PlanIt has joined the NEOGOV family as a part of the Power Products for Public Safety.
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Overtime Multiple Approvals

Overtime Multiple Approvals

When an officer submits overtime hours, they will go into a queue of a pool of approvers. If you want to have multiple approvals you can do that as well.

When they officer submits their overtime they will choose who to send it to for the first approval. When the first approver receives it they will have the option to pass it to another approver or make the final decision. There are all different settings in here so that you can adjust the approval process as needed. This feature is designed to help administrators manage the overtime approval process.

PlanIt Police

PlanIt Police is an online scheduling system for police departments. PlanIt is developed by Ragnasoft, Inc which has specialized in public safety scheduling solutions for over 10 years.

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