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Best Law Enforcement Expos for Technology in 2018

Technology is forever growing and changing. How can you keep up with it? How can you be most effective in your day-to-day?

Conferences and exhibits for police personnel are a great opportunity for you to get experience with the latest and greatest. While all of the technology out there is not essential, a lot of it can be beneficial... Or at least good to be aware of. 

IACP Conference 2018

1. IACP Annual Conference & Expo

The International Association of Chiefs of Police is one of the biggest expositions in the industry.

The conference and expo provide law enforcement from around the world with new resources to be successful in the evolving policing environment.

It holds over 15,000 industry professionals and 600 exhibitors.

This year it will be in Orlando, Florida on October 6th-9th.

The exposition hall pass is free! But to attend the IACP conference it will cost a couple hundred dollars. 

Save on pricing by registering early here!

Can't afford to make it but don't want to miss out on the education?

Check back on the website after the conference next year to see if the new session handouts will be available.

For more information please visit: https://www.theiacpconference.org/


IACP Tech Conference 2018

2. IACP Technology Conference & Expo

The IACP technology Conference will be on May 21st-23rd in Providence, RI this year.

While this conference is smaller than the infamous IACP Annual Conference & Expo, it is tailored specifically to police technology.

This law enforcement expo will run all three days but only certain hours each day.

There are valuable workshops, networking opportunities, and speakers.

For more information please visit: http://www.theiacp.org/Tech-Conference


National Sheriffs Association Conference & Expo 2018

3. National Sheriffs Annual Conference & Expo

The NSA 2018 will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana from June 15th-19th.

As most conferences go, if you register early you can save a couple hundred dollars.

There are also discounts for travel (flights, rental cars, lodging) if you check on their website.

The 2016 conference was held in Minneapolis, MN.

They have posted presentation slides on the website so they are accessible if you were not able to attend but want to learn more about what was talked about that year.

You can access them here: http://www.nsaconference.org/?q=node/13 

Find more information about the upcoming conference here: http://www.nsaconference.org/ 

4. National Sheriffs Tech Conference & Expo

This is the smaller, winter conference for the NSA.

It will be in Washington, DC on February 10th-13th this year.

There are all kinds of different events on the agenda. 

You will get to attend seminars, meetings, exhibits, breakfasts, and luncheons.

They have posted 2017 seminar materials for anyone to access: http://www.sheriffs.org/Seminar-Materials 

Read more about this expo here: http://www.sheriffs.org/calendar-of-events/2018-winter-conference 


PSE 2018

5. NJ Police & Security Expo

The Police and Security Expo is a large show hosting over 750 exhibitors.

In 2018 it will be on June 26th and 27th.

Every year it takes place in the Atlantic City (New Jersey) Convention Center.

The main focus of the show is to display new products, new updates, and seminar programs. 

It has even been awarded as one of the top 100 largest & best-attended events in the Trade Show industry. 

Check out their website for more information: http://www.police-security.com/ 

6. State Chiefs & Sheriff's Association Conference

What state are you in? Is there a chiefs or sheriffs association near you?

Find out and check out your local resources!

Networking with nearby departments can be just as effective and a lot cheaper. 

While you don't get the fun of traveling, you do save money.


Are there others that we are missing? Comment below to make sure we evaluate them next year!

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