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Top 5 Police Scheduling Software Problems and Solutions


 No scheduling software will be perfect. But there are some things to be prepared for and try to avoid. Being in the industry for over 10 years, we have found a few common problems that naturally arise with police scheduling software.

Top police scheduling software problems include:

  • Stability
  • Transitioning
  • Contract Rules
  • Customer Service
  • User-Friendliness

1. Stability

How often does the software go down? Can you expect it to run properly 24/7?

We are dealing with technology... so reality is, it will go down at some point. But with that being said, you want to know the company's main clientele is public safety and stability is a major focus. Do they have the most reliable service providers (such as AWS)? Do they conduct back-ups regularly?

Since all systems have the possibility of going down at any point, being proactive and archiving your own schedules frequently is a good habit to get into.

Problem: System that is easily put out of order

Solution: Ask upfront, check with current users, and be proactive about archiving your schedules

2. Transitioning

While technology is growing more and more every day, not everyone is necessarily "tech savvy." It can definitely be difficult for some to get used to a new process and doing more electronically. Scheduling software was made specifically for law enforcement to make scheduling processes more efficient. If it never gets easier, you may need to look at other solutions available. The transition is never 100% smooth but it can be better with a little communication and thorough training. For more tips to have a smooth transition, click here.

Problem: Getting everyone on-board with a new way of doing things

Solution: Communication with all personnel throughout the process & proper training on new system

3. Contract Rules

I think we are still hearing about new contract rules after 10 years in business. It is inevitable that certain rules may restrict you from certain areas of your new scheduling software. It may create a few hurdles to jump over but talk with your provider to figure out the best solution.

You could also seek out advice from other departments using the same system. With certain rules specific to your department, it may be hard to find someone with the same or similar issue. However, maybe some of the ways they handle different things in the system, related to your issue, will help.

Problem: Doesn't follow certain contract rules

Solution: Talk with software company about it to see what can be done



4. Customer Service

It is hard to really know if you're going to get good customer service after a purchase. It is a given [hopefully] that the company will treat you well during the sales process.

But what about after that? How do you know, that when you can't figure out how to take Officer Smith off her shift for the week, you can email/call in and get a fast and friendly answer? You can't. Best advice is to get feedback from current users. Ask the scheduling software company for references if you do not have any already.

Read here about Clovis Police Department's experience with PlanIt's customer service.

Problem: Poor customer service

Solution: Get feedback from current users

5. User-Friendliness

User-Friendliness is key to making any system really effective.

Look at the screens on their website. Take a live tour through their system. 

If a lot of the screens look outdated, it may not be so user-friendly and may not get updated often. But the best way to really tell is to get into the system or get a live walk through. Making sure it is easy-to-use, will save each person using the system, a lot of time.

Problem: Difficult to use

Solution: See it live & ask people who are currently using it


To avoid these problems it is important first to be aware of them. Know what you're getting into and what to expect when implementing your new software. 

More resources about police scheduling software solutions to check out:


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PlanIt Police is an online scheduling system for police departments. PlanIt is developed by Ragnasoft, Inc which has specialized in public safety scheduling solutions for over 10 years.

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