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3 Tools Your Police Software Needs for Managing Overtime

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Sometimes, you might offer extra hours for officers. It may be a special event like a football game, local fair, or DUI checkpoint.

Maybe you have several grants for which you need to track hours.

Or you might just need to track how many hours a person needs to be paid a premium for their worked shifts.

Many police departments need to keep track of time worked towards an outside event or grant to send invoices or get reimbursed for the hours.

How do you keep track of it all?

Keeping track of all this time can seem overwhelming, but with the right software, managing overtime becomes simple and straightforward.

3 things that will ensure a successful OT process include:

  1. Overtime Codes
  2. Tracking OT
  3. Making OT Visible


1. Codes

First of all, you need to make sure each overtime assignment has a different code or label.

Whether it’s something internal like staying late for paperwork, or external like court or road work, it needs a code. That way, it is easily identifiable when exporting.

If you use paper forms to keep track of hours worked for special events or outside vendors, you’re not alone.

With the right software, you can keep a list of the names of your special assignments in one place, and your employees can choose the overtime code when they work hours toward it.

The uniformity of entering hours under the same name or overtime code makes it easier for employees to enter their overtime and for supervisors to track it.


2. Tracking

Overtime tracking with paper forms has been the process for most departments simply because there was not a better solution. As you know, paper forms can be misplaced and require manual calculations to track specific times each person worked.

With the right software, it will automatically total the hours worked for each employee and for each event or code.

Entering overtime should take few steps:

  • The employee enters the overtime under the correct name
  • A supervisor approves the overtime
  • The hours go through payroll or earned as comp time

Tracking the hours makes it easier to manage overtime and report on the number of hours worked under a certain category.


3. Visibility

Keeping track of hours is one thing, but you also need a convenient way to view it.

Once your officers hand in their OT slip, it's out of their hands. They can't see it. They can keep track on their own or they can continually ask you how many hours they have.

The totals are not easily visible by both you and the officer. So to avoid overtime issues, it is essential both you and the officer can see the totals of OT earned.

With the right software, you should have access to reports that automatically total and calculate hours worked by each employee under a certain type of overtime.

When it comes time for you to send all your hours to payroll or to a vendor, your software should help you do this with a click of a button. An organized PDF or excel document will give you everything that you need.  



Wondering where you can find software that will do all of this for you? PlanIt Police scheduling software will allow you to input all your codes, track all your overtime, and view and export all the hours earned.

Overtime management becomes a streamlined process, saving you hundreds of work hours each year. Reduce overtime and reduce stress, with police software that handles overtime the way you need it to.



Check out how it works with the overtime feature video.




Want to see an example export that would come out of PlanIt? Download the PDF example below!

 Download OT Report Example



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