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Top 6 Benefits & Features of Law Enforcement Scheduling Software

You know there is a better way to schedule your officers/deputies but you don't know exactly what will make the purchase worth it. Will you get your money back? Will you save money? In what ways?

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There are many different benefits to using scheduling software in law enforcement. 

However, each benefit has different rates of importance depending on the specific department.

For example...

If your department struggles with communication about open shifts, you'd be interested in open shift functionality and communication tools.

Or if you often find that too many people are on vacation at once, you might be more interested in the functionality of the time off tools.

Etcetera, etcetera.  


Benefits & Features of LE Scheduling Software

6 Features & Benefits of Police Officer Scheduling Software Include:


1. Reports

Benefit: Store, export, and search all in one place.

Not only will the systems do all the calculations for you, but they'll also make the results easily accessible so that when you need them you can find them!

You can export them, send them, or print them depending on what is required in your department.

The Chief asks for payroll from 5 months back? No problem. 

Search through the reports and export within a few seconds.


2. Overtime Forms

Benefit: Accessibility and storage allow you to stay organized and efficient.

While you may have a solid process for your overtime paper forms, wouldn't it be nice if they were all in one place, where you are sure not to lose them?

Officers/Deputies can submit overtime from wherever they are. 

You can approve overtime submissions from wherever you are.

You can see exactly how much time each person has and when everything was submitting and approved. 

Read More About Electronic Overtime Forms Here.


3. Open Shifts

Benefit: Visibility and accessibility allow for better communication.

Opens shifts will automatically appear based off of your minimum staffing rules.

If there is an extra duty assignment that needs coverage, you can post it out and alert your officers so that they know it is there and can sign up.


Officers can request off or apply for overtime from their phone while they are at work or at home. 

They can also see who is on-duty at all times from wherever they are.

View a Video of the Open Shift Function Here.


4. Time Off

Benefit: Visibility and auditing so that staffing errors are reduced.

The forms and approvals online will eliminate all paper processes while making the time off visible to all employees.

They can see how much time they have already taken and how much they have left.

In a recent news article posted online, Sheriff Champlin talks about the PlanIt time off function:

“It’s all online-based so it’s real-time. Basically, if a staff member puts in for time off it would send the chief deputy an email saying that there is a time off request and when it’s approved it will send the employee back an email. This format actually gives us the ability to track our holiday and sick time so that we’re doing that paperlessly.” ... Read More


5. Mass Messages

Benefit: Improves communication and reduces time spent trying to contact people.

Scheduling software will allow you to send out emails and texts in mass amounts. Some will even allow for calls to be made.

So instead of trying to save email groups or start group texts, you can send out individual messages to each person with the same message.

They can then respond with an answer. For example, you text all patrol that there is a special assignment, a high school football game, that needs filled Friday night. 


6. Court Scheduling

Benefit: Visibility for department and court locations resulting in decreased overtime 

With court locations having access to a real-time view of your schedule, they know when your officers are on duty.

Thus, they are more likely to schedule them on duty versus when they are off duty (and have to come in using overtime)



There are a few different options for law enforcement scheduling software providers.

It is important to first review a few of them before making a decision because the features in scheduling software may differ.

Check out the Best Law Enforcement Scheduling Software Companies Here 


We can assure you that PlanIt Police will have all 6 of these features (because we developed it).

On top of the benefits of our police officer scheduling software's functionality, we also provide free setup, free support, and free training.

Instead of spending your whole day or week on set up, we will do it for you! 

Once it is setup we will train you and hand over your system fully configured. 

For more information on the setup process, please click here.



If you're evaluating different scheduling software and want to find out if PlanIt Police is an option for you,

request a FREE Demo today or download our evaluation packet below.

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PlanIt Police scheduling software is extremely powerful yet easy-to-use. It is meant to simplify scheduling and enhance communication for law enforcement agencies. PlanIt was developed by Ragnasoft, Inc who have specialized in public safety scheduling solutions for over 10 years.

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PlanIt Police is an online scheduling system for police departments. PlanIt is developed by Ragnasoft, Inc which has specialized in public safety scheduling solutions for over 10 years.

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