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5 Excel Alternatives for Scheduling in Police Departments

Looking for an excel alternative to help you stay organized when it comes to personnel scheduling? The good news is, there are a lot of them. They function very similarly to excel so the format and visuals will be about the same. But accessibility may be improved with cloud-based applications that allow you to access from anywhere.

If you're looking for alternatives, these are all free! So you've got nothing to lose. Try the police scheduling tool that works best for you.


Google Sheets

1. Google Sheets

Google Sheets offer features such as charts & graphs, conditional formatting, pivot tables, and built-in formulas. It is cloud based so you can access it from just about anywhere on any device. All that is required is the internet.

To access Sheets you simply go to your Google account and click on "sheets." It will store all your information for free. You can also invite other people to join so they can see it and edit it. 


Excel Online

2. Excel Online

Using Office 365 or SharePoint site, you can access Excel Online for free. This will allow you to basically use excel but on the internet. It will be stored on OneDrive or Dropbox. Since it is accessible on the internet, you can access it from anywhere. 


Zoho Sheet

3. Zoho Sheet

All you have to do to get started with Zoho Sheet is enter your email address. It will allow you many of the same functions of Excel such as formulas, charts, and graphs. But again, will be accessible online as opposed to a desktop application. Therefore, you can access it anywhere as well as add collaborators so that many people can view and edit it your sheets.



4. Numbers (For Mac)

This online spreadsheet is only usable on Mac computers. It allows you to collaborate with others, see who you're working with and view changes in real time. If you do want to collaborate with people who are using a PC, there is something called iWork for iCloud that will allow any device to access Numbers. 



5. EtherCalc

This free spreadsheet software runs on any platform. It has essentially the same functions as the other options with internet access and collaboration. You do not have to create a login for this site. You simply click, "create a spreadsheet," and you're good to go.



While all of these are options to use for scheduling, they do not necessarily speed up the process of scheduling. It is still a manual process; however, it does allow for more visibility.

If your department is in need of a scheduling solution that will streamline processes and enhance communication, check out some of PlanIt Police scheduling software's features here. If you don't have much time but would like to get detailed information about PlanIt, request a free demonstration today!

For assistance with spreadsheet scheduling, feel free to download our 24x7 Excel scheduling template below:

Download Free Excel Scheduling Template



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