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4 Futuristic Technologies That Are Becoming Popular in Law Enforcement

Imagine a time when an officer is walking down the street they can look at somebody and know their criminal history. Or imagine a place where you can confidently predict when and where there will be a violent event. We may see this technology very soon. These are brand new tools that could help your department stay ahead of criminals. Four of them include:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • 3D Crime Scene Analytics
  • Radar Technology
  • Domain Awareness Systems

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics can help you predict when and where a criminal act may take place. 

Predictive analytics machines take into account where criminal activity has taken place in the past, pairs it with the location of people with criminal history and then gives you an idea of where there may be an occurrence. 

This can help you to know where to place more officers to try to prevent the crime from happening. 

3D Crime Scene Analytics

Laser scanners are becoming more and more necessary for police departments to scan a crime scene quickly and have it for future use; whether it be to track a suspect or in court.

They take 3D images of the area where the crime scene took place so that you can go to the other scenes or back on patrol quickly.

Laser scanners also eliminate the extra step of having to record all the data, because it is all automatic. 

Police officer holding a radar gun

Radar Technology

The use of radar technology in law enforcement allows you to see exactly where a suspect is, for example, in a house.

It can sense any noise down to a person breathing from up to 50 feet away.

This can help you to create a plan before you go into a house or office building.

Radar also tracks cars and keeps all the data automatically.

This can be helpful in court and saves the you the hassle of having to record the data manually.

Domain Awareness System

Microsoft has partnered with the NYPD to create the Domain Awareness System, otherwise known as DAS, to help you stay safe on the job.

If you get a call to go to a crime scene or if you are doing a routine traffic stop, you can run the license plate through the system to check for criminal history and a history of violence.

With this information, you know what you have to deal with.  


Keep your department up to date with the latest law enforcement technology.

Implementing these systems and gadgets will make your job more efficient and keep your community safer.


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